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About Us

About us

best school in dehradun glacier public school

Glacier Public School was established by Mr. Hitendra Singh Chhetri in 1994. The school opened its doors to receive pupils on July 1, 1994, with staff of 2 teachers and 21 students. Today it has over 1000 students, 35 teachers and about 7 ancillary staff on roll. Glacier Public School is conducting classes from playgroup to class XII.

The school is situated in Nathuwala adjacent to Tunwala, Dehradun. The institution is a registered English Medium coeducation affiliated to CBSE, New Delhi. The main motive of our founder was to open this school in remote area in Dehradun to bring about qualitative progress in all spheres of education and to develop values in all type of students, education is a right of every child and as a true human being it is our duty to develop and provide qualitative education to every part of our society irrespective of rich, poor, caste and creed. Contemporary teaching skills have been introduced with the help of audio-visual aids and computer aided education.

The school is committed to improve day to day performance of the students by providing value based education.

Our Aim

  • Our school's aim is to impart the students both formal and informal education with the purpose of developing their overall personality.
  • Bring every student upto the motto of the school.
  • Blend modern education and the indian culture.
  • Provide oppurtunities for multi-pronged growth.
  • Make academics interesting and enjoyable.

Our Vision

  • Glacier Public School, shall impart total education in a sincere, dedicated and self confident manner to bring about qualitative education in all sphere of activities. We will work towards other-centeredness in our students and ourselves. We seek to find out the source of inspiration for other.
  • We strive to give more emphasis to developed understanding and appreciation among the students.
  • Our endeavour is to be open to all kind of wise suggestions.
  • Our school is placed under harmony co-operation and peace atmosphere and where each will continue to grow and proceed towards excellence.

Our Mission

  • The school is fully committed to educate the students to develop human qualities and values. We strive to make well-disciplined and well-behaved students.
  • To promote all-round discipline which is the beginning step and obligatory part of the students career.
  • To promote co-operation among the students.
  • To develop sense of patriotism.
  • To promote communal harmony among the students irrespective of caste, creed, colours and religion.
Glacier Public School Dehradun

Chairman's Message

In its early stages, human mind is a coarse grain of sand, recurring a nurturing shell of broad spectrum of earning opportunities and experiences. I am extremely happy that our Glacier Public School has continuously progressed the wheel of excellence with values and conventions as its quality education, constant improvement in education technology, teaching and learning processes

Glacier Public School Tunwala Dehradun

Principal Message

Mrs. Sangeeta Basnet (M.A, B.Ed.) the principal of Glacier Public School, Nathuwawala, Dehradun, consider the formation of character the first essential feature of any sound educational system. After having served as a teacher for the last 16 year I have been promoted to the post of Principal by the management.

For the betterment of the school as well as the students. We make our children to understand the life which is full of challenge. It does not matter we lose or win but it is wise to accept it gracefully. If we lose we must strive to do better the next time. Discipline and punctuality are the two things which go side by side, are above all in student life.

It is very important for us to follow rules and adopt good habits if we want others to follow them. Our school’s aim is to impart the students both formal and informal education with the purpose of developing their overall personality. In conclusion, the school has made credible improvement for the past few years.